Lead Line Investigations

Flint and the Michigan DEQ are working together to find lead service lines.
Service lines supply water from the water main to a residence. Some of these service lines are lead.

For more information on service lines, go to Advice to Flint Residents.

The initial search for lead service line began with the Sentinel Sampling Program. The DEQ teamed up with community members and plumbers to try to identify homes with lead service lines. This effort focused on the lines inside the house that deliver water. During DEQ investigations, from February to early July 2016, staff investigated over 7,400 homes and found 131 lines were lead lines.

The City of Flint will continue to find lines. The city will use other, better methods. These methods may include excavating to examine the lines underground. With grant funding, contractors are removing lead lines.
With grant funding, contractors are removing lead lines. To learn more about service line replacement go to Service Line Replacement