High Lead/Copper Follow Up Visits

Initially, follow-up home visits consisted of DEQ staff who conducted follow-up sampling, as well as Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) staff who provided consultation about health related services available to residents. 
Over time, the DEQ and DHHS staff were joined by plumbers who helped with internal plumbing assessments--cleaning faucet aerators, installing filters, and showing residents how to change filter cartridges.

Other services offered were free bus passes provided by the United Way for transportation to water distribution centers and health services.  Community members were also employed to assist in community relations. 

During these visits, fact sheets and other educational materials were distributed, focusing on the importance of running the water, cleaning the faucet aerators, filter use, and other health related information.

For more information on water in Flint, go to Help for Flint for Michigan resources, or Flint Cares for the information from the Flint Community Partners Group.