Expanded Medicaid Coverage Resources

Expanded Medicaid Coverage is an exclusive benefit for select Flint residents and non-residents that were exposed to the lead-tainted water.
Expanded Medicaid coverage provides wraparound services. Wraparound services include access to services such as blood lead level monitoring, behavioral health services, and access to Family Support Coordinators that can connect people to services that can support their recovery from any effects due to lead exposure.

For people that already have coverage, this benefit can provide additional wraparound services not available through their existing coverage. For more information go to Flint Cares and Help for Flint.

The fastest way to apply is online at www.michigan.gov/mibridges. You can also apply by calling 1-855-789-5610 (TTY 866-501-5656 for persons with hearing and speech disabilities).

If you already receive Medicaid, this expansion comes with new services. If you have questions, you may call the Beneficiary Help Line at 1-800-642-3195 (TTY 866-501-5656 for persons with hearing and speech disabilities).